A Contemporary remodel & Refurbishment

A Contemporary remodel & Refurbishment

Project Description:

A contemporary design approach was adopted for the remodelling and refurbishment of this secluded 1960’s family home providing the desired accommodation yet maintaining appropriate scale and proportions.

The property remained in its original form since new, culminating in a number of inherent building defects, while the internal layout lacked a sense of cohesion or open family spaces.

A key feature of this property is its location and the wonderful Downland views, an element we were mindful to harness as part of the design process.

The result is a series of generous interior spaces with clean lines and tall curtain glazing creating a sense of light and space greater than its volume.

This medium scale project provides the additional living space for growing a family and is another fine example of projects that can be commissioned on a cost-effective budget without compromising on design or materials.